Pulse Energy Magnetic Frequency FAQs

Pulse Energy Magnetic Frequency FAQs

Have you been wondering what Pulse Energy Magnetic Frequency is? If you experience degenerative disc issues, this treatment technique may just be right for your needs. It's always important to learn as much as possible when you're considering asking a chiropractor about a specific treatment plan for your neck pain or back pain. Simi Spine and Wellness of Simi Valley, CA, wants you to be well-informed of your treatment options.

Pulse Energy Magnetic Frequency FAQs

How Does Pulse Energy Magnetic Frequency Work? 

During a pulse energy treatment, a magnetic field resonates to create currents that don't heat but rather alter the signaling of cells. Since the medical field has established that several types of tissues like muscle, bone, and blood respond to biophysical input like electromagnetic fields, there has been a great deal of work and advancements in this area. Some studies have shown evidence of modifying disease in some patients after receiving such a treatment. 

What Makes Pulse Energy Magnetic Frequency Important? 

Healthy, living tissue that is fully functioning has energy created by the movement of ions. A cell has a membrane that typically maintains the ion balance outside and inside it. This creates the measurable charge of bioelectricity that's needed for the cell's metabolism. 

What Cellular Issues Can Pulse Energy Magnetic Frequency Improve? 

Stress and injury affect the energy state of the cell, lowering this energy and affecting the cell's ability to function at an optimal level. One of the applications of this technique is for patients who have degenerative disc problems. This improves circulation, reduces inflammation and muscle spasms, and relieves pain overall.

Does This Technique Eliminate Issues? 

In many cases, this therapy reduces the need for physical therapy, steroid injections, medication, and chiropractic care. This is a great relief to many people who hope to not be on medication or receive therapy for years. Some individuals may not need these services after receiving Pulse Energy Magnetic Frequency for a short while. 

Is Pulse Energy Magnetic Frequency Painful or Uncomfortable? 

You should not experience any pain or discomfort when getting this type of treatment. It is something that you'll need to get used to, but the chiropractor at Simi Spine and Wellness will ensure that you understand what's involved and that you're comfortable with the process. 

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